Sunday, 2 January 2011


I'll start today with a big "YIPEE".  I found out this morning that I was runner up for a Golden Globe!!! (if only it was a real Golden Globe, a bit hard since I dont act, except like a fool, lol ) at Screen to Scrap. I was stoked as it was the first time I had ever participated in a prize challenge.
Here is my entry( I wish I had photographed it instead of scanning it, oh well, live and learn)
I really enjoyed this challenge and have found a lot more places to play. See the link on my blog if you want to join in. I have to say that even though it was great to win a prize, I have found that by joining in on these challenges I have been encouraged and inspired by all the lovely people leaving comments.
Today's 365 challenge photo is
Our dear "Nemo"
After nearly a year of sitting around, Nemo (our kayak) was finally taken out for a paddle. When we lived directly on the water Nemo was taken out regularly. Now that we live a street away from the beach, he has been so lucky. 
Tony, Phoenix and Lavender took Nemo down to the beach and had a paddle around the marina. OMG he even got a wash down after!!!


:) Tiff said...

congrats chook. to be rewarded for something you love as a hobby is very justifying!! and it does feel so darn good doesn't it.!!

amyf said...

well done!! i think i might get into it too!

SueP said...

congrats Gina.....well done....and Happy New Year to ya!!

sandra said...

You go girl!!
And it is so worthy of a prize.
Those challenge blogs are so much fun and as you say...very encouraging.
Can't wait to see what elso you come up with!!
Are you going to try the new ARTastic challenge too???

janice said...

Congrats Gina on your award ...great page!