Friday, 29 April 2011


Hi guys hope everyone is doing well. Right now I am sitting here watching the royal wedding with Lavender. Both of us thought we would get into the spirit and wear tiaras.
Spent most of the time trying to explain what it all meant for Britain and that it was extremely special as it brought a whole country, if not the world, together, if only for a moment. 
Earlier on tonight Tony and I went out to a very special invite only event. Had a great time and wish them the best of luck.
Tony and me just before we go out.
A few random thoughts.....
Its great that we can leave Phoenix with the girls and go out together now.
Tony and I need to start going out together as a couple more.
Getting lots of inspiration from the net and some wonderful blogs, now I just need to sit down and start playing.
Need to start moving!!!
I really want a bright yellow bag. Why??? I do not know!!!
Think wedges are soooo comfortable.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Lots of relaxing going on here.  Monday was just spent hanging around enjoying each others company.
On Tuesday we decided to go for a drive to Coffin Bay. We had a great time exploring the national park.
Isn't this just spectacular!!!!
I just love this sign, it cracks me up when I see it.
I took lots of photos but I won't bore you.
After the national park we headed into town and stopped off at the new playground for some fun. I got lots of shot of Phoenix and Lavender climbing and sliding down the slippery dip. But this is the shot that made everyone wet themselves with laughter......
everyone except me. LOL. Tony got me to get on this spinny thing and just kept spinning me around and around. I was sooooo dizzy that I had to just close me eyes and hold on for dear life. I won't show you the rest of the photos, me trying to get off .
On our way home we stopped off to have another look at a block of land that we have been thinking about buying. It has the most amazing view of Port Lincoln. Its only negative is that it is nearly 10k from the centre of town, about a 10-15min drive. I took this shot of Lavender blowing on a "Santa Claus",
thats what I called them when I was a kid.

Today was busy, lots of running around for everyone. I had Physio and am feeling great, nearly back to normal, no back pain just a little tightening of my butt muscle.
Tonight the girls, yes all three girls, spent some time designing clothes. Phoenix got on old top and redesigned it into a top and headband.

Sunday, 24 April 2011


Hope everyone has had a great Bunny Day, our has been great and relaxing!!!!
I have to say that my favourite part as to be when at 6.30am this morning I heard an excited squeal and lots of chatter from Phoenix when she realised that the Easter Bunny had been. She jumped out of bed, asked Maddii to hold Itty Bitty for her and started collecting the eggs from the trail that the bunny had left. It was so wonderful to hear that excitement again, even Maddii and Lavender enjoyed listening to her and said that was the best part of Easter for them.

Maddii worked until after lunch. We all spent the day just hanging out.
After lunch I had my first attempt at making the wonderful E2C Sticky Date Pudding with Caramel Sauce. I think I burnt it a little but it still tasted YUMMY!!!!
For dinner we had my favourite..... Roast Pork with CRACKLING{drooooooool} with mash potatoes and roast pumpkin. I also made E2C's Cranberry and Broccoli Salad, with a bit of a twist I added some apple as well. The kids didn't like it much but Tony and I loved it.

To celebrate this special day we thought we would have some fun around the dinner table......

we all put on bunny ears and got our photo taken.
What a great day!!!! Hope it was for you too!!!!

Saturday, 23 April 2011


Hi everyone, hope everyone one is good.
For the last couple of weeks there has been no blogging from me. I have spent most of my time on the computer going thru other peoples blogs for inspiration and going through some of my favourite blog, thru to their very first blog entry. With House of 3 closing down,{wipe away a tear and blow nose}, I have been buying some of their digital files, lots actually. At the moment they have 50% of everything. I have been going thru the blog reading up on their creative talents and amazing projects.
Since the beginning of school holidays I have also been just enjoying spending time with the kids, playing games, cooking, crafting and watching some of their favourite movies with them. It has been so nice to just relax and not to put too much pressure on myself to get certain things done.
I guess the biggest change around here is that I am a NON SMOKER!!!!!! Yeah! Its been 20 days now and apart from seeing the occasional person on TV smoking, I don't miss it at all.
On Friday, Good Friday, I finally got around to making the spinach and pumpkin salad for the family. I forgot to put the feta cheese and only had mixed nuts, Tony had used the pine nuts for something else without me knowing, but it was still nice and more importantly, the family liked it.

Tonight we had another yummy dinner and the whole family asked for the pumpkin spinach salad. This time I did put in pine nuts and feta cheese as well as some baby roma tomatoes- YUMMY. Maddii asked to take the left over to work with her tomorrow. A real family favourite and went beautifully with our garlic buttered fish and bacon shallot mash. Thank E2C girls.

Tomorrow I am going to make the broccoli and cranberry salad and the sticky date pudding from retreat, can't wait.
Better go I think I can hear the Easter Bunny scratching at the door. Hope he is good to you all and bring you lots of chocolate eggs from the chocolate forest.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


I  have been missing the last few weeks, just been busy doing stuff, mainly preparing for E2C and trying to get my back better.
E2C was WONDERFUL as usual but Ill talk about that and show some pics in the next few days.
My back!!!, well what can I say two steps forward and one step back. I can say that I have just had two nights of good sleep, i.e. not wincing in pain every time I move, which means about a maximum of 30 mins sleep at a time.
Something I have been wanting to share all week is that as of the end of last Sunday night, 3rd April 2011, I gave up smoking!!!! yes Im a NON SMOKER. Its been 1 whole week and there has only been a couple of times I have missed it.  This is what I did with the rest of my packet.
I have to say that I am really proud of myself as this is the first time I have ever really tried to stop smoking.
Its been about 27 years now, wow that is a long time when you say it out loud and really bad!!! I have never been a real heavy smoker but have always had at least 6 a day. I actually can't believe how easy  it has been, I was really expecting a lot worse. I guess you can do anything when you put your mind to it.
YEY ME!!!!