Sunday, 7 November 2010


Hi, a couple of weeks ago I attended a class at scrapworks run by the wonderful Sandra. Had a great time and learnt how to make a new type of flower.

Page 1 (Sandra's class)


Page 2 (Sandra's class)

Now before I go any further I must tell you that Im a bit obsessed with using as much of my scrap before I pull out new paper as I find that I forget what I have, end up with lots of bits and pieces all over the place and never get back to using them. With that being said the following pages are what I completed using the left overs of Sandra's kit.

page 1

Page 2

Page 3


Page 4

All I have left over from the kit is some chipboard letters and 1 x black & white rubon flower, thats right, no paper at all. I was very impressed with myself.
To complete these 4 extra pages all I used was 5 x bazzil paper, some ribbon and thread, some wire (butterflies), flower, leaves, a pin  and a charm.

Hope you like them,  I'd love to hear what you think.


Wednesday, 3 November 2010


 A double page layout that I finished a couple of weeks ago. Thought Id share.

Page 2

Page 1
Sorry I downloaded the pages in the wrong order.

I was really happy with how the spider webs turned out, just used thread and added some glittered kindyglitz. I've been wanting to use these spider brads for ages. The tree is covered in enamel and the broom I made. The broom is just a twig with raffia attached and then painted black.

The photos are of Phoenix at dancing. Every week she likes to wear something different, boy am I in for some drama and expense as she gets older.

Hope you like them!! :-)

Monday, 1 November 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Hope everyone had a great halloween and enjoyed the fun of the day.
For the last 7 years my kids have loved dressing up and going trick or treating, and this year was no exception. All the kids invited their friends around to get ready and then went treating together. In total I had 18 kids here. It was great as they were all getting into the spirit of the night and just having fun. My eldest, Maddii (15), and her friend asked to take Phoenix (4) around the neighbourhood.

                                                          Some of the gang.

Phoenix as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

The stash.

After about an hour the kids all came back very wet, a bit cold but laughing their heads off. I dont know if it was all the sugar they had consumed but it was lovely to hear. I was amazed at how little a difference it makes, noise level wise, between 4 kids and 18 kids. They all had a great time.

This halloween I finally got to do something I've always wanted to do........I transformed this pumpkin into this!!

A Jack Skellington from Nightmare before Christmas Jack-o-lanteen.

I loved how he turned out.

I had such a ball making him and he only took about 45mins from beginning to end to make. Jack took pride of place at the front door and really made the place feel halloweeny (is that a word??). All the kids thought he was rather cool.