Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Today was another wet but warm day. I had a bit of a sleep in, got out of bed at 8am, and had a slow start to the day. The Phoenix and the boys went for a splash while me and Nat just potted around. Dave, Nat, Tony and me went for a lovely walk along the beach and up the cliff.
Aanuka Beach Resort from the beach.

Tony and Dave rock climbing.

From the top of the cliff, Aanuka Beach Resort at the other end of the beach.
Whilst walking I got to take some wonderful nature shots. Nature is just so beautiful and amazing when you take the time to stop and look.
The balls the crabs make when they dig holes.

A cluster of bluebottles.

Bubbles left by the sea.

A se sponge.

Got back home and had some yummy lunch and then decided to take Phoenix down to the beach to build sandcastles and take photos.

This was cut short as it started to pour down with rain. Back home and the boys decided to go to the pub for some beers, so I took the girls back to the shops to return something, get some more Midoris for me, and get a diary from officeworks (similar to the one on the house of 3 site).
Got back to the resort, had dinner, Phoenix did some painting and the girls all went back for another swim. I had to call them in at 9.00pm. 
I have spent the last two days watching the flood crisis in QLD on the TV. My eldest sister lives in Brisbane, in one of the flood areas, and I have been very worried as I haven't been able to get her. Today I finally got to talk to her. Hope tonight goes well and her and her husband stay safe thru the night. Thinking of you Monica and Graeme.


Té la mà Maria - Reus said...

very good blog, congratulations
regard from Reus Catalonia
thank you

:) Tiff said...

hey. hope your sis makes it thru the night ok.

great shot of Maddy leaping on the beach!!