Sunday, 5 June 2011

I'M BACK!!!!

OMG its June already!!!! How fast has this year gone!!!!
Lately Ive been enjoying the creative process but procrastinating when it comes to the finishing details. Well with a new month also comes a new promise to stop this behaviour. Stop laughing!!!! I know Ive said it before but here I go again.
So what have I doing lately........(all started but none are completed)
* Some scrapbook pages
* Material flowers
* Ruffle designs on some T shirts
* P.Js for Phoenix
* Redesigning my scrap space
* Studying for my photography course
* Redecorating my lounge room
* Playing with PSE actions.

I WILL start posting pics of these as I finish them.....I promise.
P.S. I have to say that last month I joined the Port Lincoln Photography Club and really enjoyed it and learnt heaps. Today we all got together for an outing at Tom McNabbs place to see his studio. All I can say is OMG!!!!!!!! This is a studio that any photographer in the WORLD, yes WORLD would just drool to have a space like this. I had to keep looking out the window to remind myself that we were in Port Lincoln,      not some studio in New York or other major capital city.