Sunday, 16 January 2011


Last day of our holiday in Coffs, Boo hoo!!!!!. Today I was woken up at 5.20 am by Maddii and Casey to go do a sunrise photo shoot.

After everyone got up and we all had breakfast it was off to the pool till early afternoon. I finally got some time to read my new book "Pretty Little Liars", great book.
Later in the afternoon it was Lavender and Charli's turn for a photo shoot.

Next I took Phoenix down to the beach for a play in the sand and to play with her bubble solution. Great chance to take some photos of her as she is not the most willing participant.

Got some great bubble shots.
Then it was time for dinner and our traditional family shot - The Shabaj's


:) Tiff said...

totally awesome shot of Miss M silhouetted on the beach. LOVE it. can you post it as a xlarge photo. it really deserves to be showcased!!

seeya for the wrap up on thurs night.

amyf said...

sorry it has to end Gina! but i have missed u!!

maryanne said...

gina, your girls are absolutely stunning!The 2nd photo is fantastic, and i agree with tiff, post it bigger.
Ive enjoyed reading your holiday post too.