Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A NEW PET?????

 Today I was busy working when all of a sudden I noticed a meow sound. I thought it was on the TV so I continued to do my work. Again I hear a "meow, meow".  As the meowing continued I went searching for where the noise was coming from. As I turned the corner this is what I saw.......

The meowing continued. When I asked her what she was doing she announced that we now have a new pet- a pussycat and continued to meow.
While Phoenix was waiting for Dad to take her to bed tonight, (his turn), I noticed a strange sound I turned around to see this wonderful sight.
Phoenix saying goodnight to Lenny, one of our two pet turtles. 

This is Lenny, he has to be one of the friendliest turtles there is. He doesn't bite. Lenny loves to come and say hello and to follow your finger around. He get so excited when you talk to him that he splashes at the top of his tank and just begs for you to pick him up. I never thought that a turtle could be so social, friendly and cute.

This is Sponge Bob, Phoenix's turtle he is a year younger than Lenny and is just starting to be confident enough to follow your finger around.
I actually can't believe that I worried about these little guys when we were on holidays and was concerned that they would starve when we were away. They really have become a part of our family.
P.S We did leave them extra blocks of food to eat while we were away.


:) Tiff said...

little cuties!

maryanne said...

the turtles are cute and so is your little phoenix.