Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Did everyone see the fireworks, the big song and dance?  Today was a really special day here in the Baj household.
Phoenix got a Barbie bike for christmas. When I was working out which one to get, I measured her, took her to the shop to try them all out only to realise that one was right for now but would probably be too small for her in a few months and the other one was just a touch to big. I asked her which one she liked and of course she liked the bigger one, it had a Barbie bike on the handle bars so that you could take your Barbie for a ride with you.
A few weeks later I went down to buy it and they were all gone. Oh no! I finally worked out some other things to get her.
A week before Christmas a new shipment came in so me, being the softy, brought her one as well as all the other gifts.
Anyway the bike was put together on boxing day, sorry proclamation day in SA speak, and we left it in the office on the carpet so she could get use to getting up on to it.

After begging for a few days to take it outside, we finally gave in. My big girl had Dad walk behind her a couple of times and then directed him to the end of the path so he could see her ride all by herself.
We were all so proud of her!!

And as you can see, so was she!!!
Congratulations to my big girl, well done!!!!


:) Tiff said...

o the joy on her face!! priceless

maryanne said...

so cute gina.Im a softy too, I love giving the kids presents, cant help myself.

amyf said...

good on her! shes so cute! and it is boxing day. now she will annoy the crap out of you by wanting to go 4 a ride every five minutes like gav does to me