Friday, 7 January 2011


With us experiencing our first really hot day this summer, we decided to send the day indoors with the AC on. Much better than outside. Silly me continued on my ironing journey that never seems to end. Only 1 hr and I hit the bottom. At least everything is ironed and I can start packing for our holiday tomorrow.
Phoenix was getting bored inside, she wanted to go the beach or ride her bike, way to hot, so we got out her cool school computer attachment.

This has to be the best present I have ever brought her. She loves playing on it. She writes her name, does spelling, plays word games she can draw and design pictures on it and do maths, although the maths is a bit hard for her yet. Today I was blessed as she was happy to sit there for 1.5hrs and at least it stopped her from practicing how fast she can run in the lounge room.

Along with doing a general 365 photo challenge, i.e one about all of us as a family, I have also been doing one just about me. I haven't been posting the photos here as most of them are not very flattering and are also for my "Move More Eat Less Journal". I am going to include mine today. Along with my camera, it is something that I could not go a day without. Its like another baby.

At the beginning 2010 I started looking into what was so good about mac books. I talked to a few people who had them and talked to an Apple genius when I went to the mac store in New York, an amazing underground store with a glass entrance that takes you to the stairs/ elevator, and was convinced that in the next few years that would be my next purchase.

Tony and the girls surprised me for Mothers day 2010 and brought me this beauty. A wonderful 15 inch macbook pro and I love it. 

I brought the pink cover.
I have to say that this has opened up a whole new world to me. I use to use my old computer about once a fortnight, now Im on my mac at least four hours a day. I am always amazed at how easy they are to use and how much i have learnt since I've had her.  My confidence has grown in leaps and bounds, this is a person that a year ago was afraid to anything on the computer and only used it to store my photos. Anyway in short I love her!!!

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:) Tiff said...

since Miss Mac came into your life, your confidence in yourself to do stuff on the www has flown. and that led to the JS classes and the creative door has opened.

go girl.