Sunday, 30 January 2011


Its been a scorcher here today, 44 degrees. Needless to say, Phoenix and I  spent the day inside under the air con. Maddii was off with friends, Lavender was at at friends house and Tony went fishing with Phil.
Phoenix has become addicted to Tattered Angels, she loves the bottles and keeps telling me that she is nearly old enough to use them. She spent ages playing with the bottles, getting me to mist papers and arranging the bottles in to cool displays. She even wanted me to take photos of her displays.
It rare for her to want me to take photos, so I took advantage of the moment and took photos that included her. After about 30 photos she turned to me, and in a frustrated voice said "Mum, for God sake". I cracked up, I don't know where she got this saying from but I knew straight away what it meant,  " Mum stop with the photos already".
We did lots of crafting and then settled down to an afternoon of her favourite videos, POKO. She just cracks up when she watches them. It is such a wonderful sound to hear her laugh uncontrollably.

Tony arrived home just after 5pm with his half of the catch.
Yummy fish for dinner!!!!


:) Tiff said...

good day to be inside wasnt it.

SueP said...

A real shocker that's for sure, and today's not going to be much better!! Thnak-goodness for air cons!!