Monday, 10 January 2011


Well today began with a 4.30am wake up alarm, we all got ready and at 5.30 we were off to the airport. The Plane left at 6.30am and arrived in Adelaide at 7.15am. We had a 40min stop over there and then we were off to Sydney on the 7.55am flight. Once we arrived we went thru security again( 2nd time) three lap tops out to be scanned, and waited there for about 1 hr and then we were off again to Coffs Harbour.

Waiting at Sydney Airport.

Whilst we were in Sydney my darling Tony went and got me my No 1, absolute favourite food of all time.


And the girls got their favourite- A Boost Juice.
We arrived about 15mins late in Coffs Harbour, about 1.15pm, only to discover that the hire car we had ordered didnt receive our booking and Tony's suitcase wasnt on the plane. The funny thing is that Maddii had been worried all day that her luggage hadnt been put on the plane in Adelaide, we got it booked right thru in Lincoln. Tony had been joking and stirring her all day that yes it had been left, as they and Maddii say "Karma's a bitch", and yes she did say it to her Dad.
Anyway long story short, the bag was left in Sydney and was sent up and delivered to the resort, and we managed to get a car.
It is soooo great to be on holidays with our best friends in the world - The Sharmans. Anuka Beach Resort is wonderful, it feels like you are in the middle of a rainforest and no one else is around. It has been raining all day but it is still pretty hot. Everyone has been swimming. There are 3 spa baths in our hut so the girls have taken advantage of it. They go for a swim, go get hot chocolates and then go in the spa. 

An extra bonus for me is that everywhere I look is another opportunity for some photos. Today I took lots of photos of the plants on our balcony and the cute lizards that are everywhere here. 

Here is just a few, I can't wait to play.


amyf said...

krispy kremes? now whos tragic?! lol. shouldve had coffee b4 u went dammit

Gina B said...

When I get home for sure.

maryanne said...

the resort sounds fantastic gina, lucky you!
looking forward to seeing more photos.

:) Tiff said...

i'm still a krispy kreme virgin.... sigh.... do they have them at cairns airport do you know. I'll be up that way mid year!!

you'll never put the camera down by the sound of it lol