Friday, 11 February 2011


Had a great day, cleaned in the morning so that I could spend the afternoon joining in on a live web show over at The House Of 3. I have a good time and learnt heaps.

I got my first assignments results today and really happy with the them, module 2 here I come.

Spent the evening at Scrapworkz, God I hang for Thursday night, having fun with good company, what more could you ask for.  Got home fairly late and went straight to bed. (P.S the reason for not posting yesterday.)

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:) Tiff said...

hey. comments so much better now.

glad to hear the assignment 1 went well. I reckon that's the hardest one!!

And I so know what you mean regarding Thurs nites.

If I am at home on those nights, its not by my choice and I always, always look at the clock and wonder what you lot are giggling about now. Its a great time to let a bit of hot air out (usually about our menfolk) and share our lives.

Its my sanity stabiliser and so worth driving all the way there and back.