Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Today was an extremely busy day. Tony left for 4 days in Adelaide, he is off to do a course for work. Maddii had school and then worked from 4-7. Phoenix had swimming lessons and then the afternoon session at kindy.
Swimming lessons.

Off to Kindy.

It was an especially big day for Lavender, ...... her first day of high school and her first day at St Josephs!!!

She had a great day which was a relief for me. All her friends are in the same class and said that heaps of people came up to her and asked how her day was going. After school we picked up her Mac book so she is over the moon tonight.
Today was the first time in over 8 weeks that I have had a house without any kids, even if it was for only a couple of hours. I spent it cleaning the bathroom and the floors. I worked like a dog today so that tomorrow I could have the WHOLE, yes whole day for me. Can't wait!!!

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:) Tiff said...

does a 'me' day = a scrap day??? sure hope so.

alas, once again I wont be there on Thurs night. Kym's away in Adel shooting for state titles this weekend and leaves on Thurs..... sigh..... I swear next week is mine to scrap with you and the girls.... and I've heaps of peacock feathers to share with whoever would like one.