Monday, 14 February 2011


We have had a great day so far. Firstly I snuck some cute heart shaped chocolates into Maddii's and Lavender's lunch, hope they liked them. Got a kiss and "I love you" from Maddii, OMG I nearly fell over, so lovely to hear. Phoenix and I stopped in to Scrapworkz so she could wish them all a "Happy Love Day" and give, Leonie, Phil, Narelle,  Adriene, her buddy,  Blake and Brooklyn, a chocolate heart.
 We have been making flowers and painting hearts all day.
Popped on to check out some blogs I follow and found out that over at Cathy Z blog I had won  a course on organising your life, Simplify 101's "Its About Time". Its a 8 week course, that I desperately need to do. I'm so excited. What a great little gift to receive for LOVE DAY.
 I know everyone says that this day is too commercial but remember that it's not about what you get  its about taking the time to just stop and share the love. Don't forget to tell those close to you how much they mean to you and that you LOVE them.
                                                               Heart shaped chocolates!

                                               Hope everyone has a GREAT "LOVE DAY"!!!!


:) Tiff said...

great to hear that your love day is 'love'ly

Meredith said...

beautiful Gina! I love what you did for your girls ... I will have to remember for next year!!