Sunday, 13 February 2011


As Tony is away for the week, starting early tomorrow morning, we decided to celebrate "LOVE DAY", as Phoenix calls it, today. As usual I cleaned to get ready for the start of the week whilst Tony or "BUDDY" as Phoenix calls him, headed out to her favourite place, the park at Mundy's Mooring. Maddii hang out with friends and Lavender came home after lunch as she had spent the night with girlfriends at a friends house.
We all had a lovely dinner together, Pumpkin Risotto, BBQ, Chilli Prawn and Vegetables, and chatted.
Tony and I played with our new presents, we normally don't exchange gifts but this year was different, I'll share those tomorrow.
It was a great day,  a day to appreciate each other and remind each other that we are a family and love each other very much.
Phoenix and I snuck upstairs to take these quick shots. We are going to send them to Dad tomorrow.


Happy Love Day to you all!

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:) Tiff said...

ohhh. great shots for the message.

and she's looking at the camera for each one of them.

thanks for the reminder of Valentines. I actually forgot about it. I might shake DH's shoulder tonight ;op

my word verification if fackl.

that's nearly rude pmsl.