Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I have had a great day today!!! The family got some great news which we celebrated with take out for dinner. We have takeout maybe 2/3 times a year, so tonight we all voted and decided that KFC was in order.

What is it about KFC, you hang for it but once its finished you regret it???

This great news has meant that some of the stress we have had over the last few months is gone,  thank God . Maddii has been begging to go to her best friends, Casey, 18th birthday party in Newcastle,(the family we went to Coffs Harbour with). With the stress gone Tony has decided that he will take her. 
OMG!!!!!!This is a unsolicited hug, had to get a shot of that. We don't get many of these now-a-days. 
As you can tell she is over the moon.


:) Tiff said...

oh hurray.

seems funny you guys dining on KFC. Nearly a conflict of interest lol

and thank heavens you had the camera handy to catch that hug. gotta scrap that one.

amyf said...

she had better behave herself b4 that party! congrats on your pass and i hope u are running on the treadmill all day today