Saturday, 26 February 2011


Whilst I was doing the usual saturday morning jobs, Tony took Phoenix to the park. She so looks forward to this time as its just her and her "buddy". When the arrived home Phoenix announced that she had a surprise for me, as she came around the corner she had two of the most perfect dandelions I had ever seen.
Tony had noticed them whilst he was pushing her on the swings and suggested bringing them home. She even gave up the rest of her swing time as she didnt want them to fall apart. So sweet, both of them!!!! And the amazing part is that she took so much care in holding them, they were still perfect when they got home.
Had to get my camera out and play with my macro......

1 comment:

:) Tiff said...

oh my my my.

love the 2nd one mate.
love them all really.

and to get them home in mint condition is amazing.

I would love to play some actions on these if you're interested.

You've chosen a great background to contrast them for all the minute detail too.