Friday, 29 April 2011


Hi guys hope everyone is doing well. Right now I am sitting here watching the royal wedding with Lavender. Both of us thought we would get into the spirit and wear tiaras.
Spent most of the time trying to explain what it all meant for Britain and that it was extremely special as it brought a whole country, if not the world, together, if only for a moment. 
Earlier on tonight Tony and I went out to a very special invite only event. Had a great time and wish them the best of luck.
Tony and me just before we go out.
A few random thoughts.....
Its great that we can leave Phoenix with the girls and go out together now.
Tony and I need to start going out together as a couple more.
Getting lots of inspiration from the net and some wonderful blogs, now I just need to sit down and start playing.
Need to start moving!!!
I really want a bright yellow bag. Why??? I do not know!!!
Think wedges are soooo comfortable.

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