Sunday, 10 April 2011


I  have been missing the last few weeks, just been busy doing stuff, mainly preparing for E2C and trying to get my back better.
E2C was WONDERFUL as usual but Ill talk about that and show some pics in the next few days.
My back!!!, well what can I say two steps forward and one step back. I can say that I have just had two nights of good sleep, i.e. not wincing in pain every time I move, which means about a maximum of 30 mins sleep at a time.
Something I have been wanting to share all week is that as of the end of last Sunday night, 3rd April 2011, I gave up smoking!!!! yes Im a NON SMOKER. Its been 1 whole week and there has only been a couple of times I have missed it.  This is what I did with the rest of my packet.
I have to say that I am really proud of myself as this is the first time I have ever really tried to stop smoking.
Its been about 27 years now, wow that is a long time when you say it out loud and really bad!!! I have never been a real heavy smoker but have always had at least 6 a day. I actually can't believe how easy  it has been, I was really expecting a lot worse. I guess you can do anything when you put your mind to it.
YEY ME!!!!


:) Tiff said...

me too mate. not one. and only had a passing thought about it once. I must say I've been thinking if you can, then I can. So you've been motivating me without even knowing it.

wtg you!!!!!!!!!!!!! proud of you.

hope the back gets better sooner than later for you. I know what its like, and its certainly no picnic!!

maryanne said...

congratulations gina, its certainly not an easy thing to do!
Im guessing I have seen you smoking[at tiffs birthday maybe]but I cant really picture you smoking,must say when I saw your post my first thought was that I didnt even know you were a smoker!
well done.

amyf said...

wow! a blog post!! great job on the quitting:)

SueP said...

Good on ya Gina, hope it still going well!!!