Sunday, 8 May 2011


What a wonderful day!!!! It all started with the compulsory sleep in, I got up at 9am and was greeted with a yummy breakfast of eggs, toast and bacon made by my wonderful husband.  Whilst I was eating my wonderful girls and darling husband presented me with some lovely gifts. Firstly I got the cutest card from Phoenix, she had made it at Kindy and had wrote in it all by herself and read to me.On the front it had some amazing hand drawn picture which I just loved. Next came a card the Lavender and Phoenix had made together, again what could be better. I also got a pot of tulips and..........
then came this fantastic clock. I have been admiring it in The Bay Rooms window for the past few months and had nearly brought it a few times. This beauty is about 1m in height and is like a giants pocket watch. How lucky am I???? I LOVE it.

After  a slow start, I got up and did a few basic jobs, e.g put the dish washer on and hung out a load of washing. Next thing on my list was to do some exercising. With my bad back  I can only really walk so I have been doing so every day for the last week. In the last 7 days I have walked 35k and have lost 1.4kilos and I am stoked!!!!! I needed to get moving as the weight has been piling on since I gave up the smokes.
I am celebrating 5 weeks as a non smoker, yes  thats 5 weeks and I am so happy and proud of myself.
Next I did a load of ironing, hate it but needed to so the kids had school clothes for tomorrow.
After that the day was mine to lax (as Phoenix puts it), relax!!! yeah!!!!
We had a great family dinner of roast chicken, gravy, veges and potato mash.....Yummy!!!
And then came probably the best moment of the day maybe even the year..... drum roll please.......
My 3 daughters helping out in the kitchen together...... YES TOGETHER!!!!!! I dont know what came over them but I wish I could bottle it to use in the future. LOL
Happy mothers day MUM, I know you wont see this as you are flying to Czech right now but I love you so much. Take care and have a great time. mwah!!!!

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:) Tiff said...

mate. I'm on dial up speed at the moment so most of the pics dont come up, except of the one with the domestic goddesses in training. what a moment to catch. I gather you had a wonderful day. me too.