Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Lots of relaxing going on here.  Monday was just spent hanging around enjoying each others company.
On Tuesday we decided to go for a drive to Coffin Bay. We had a great time exploring the national park.
Isn't this just spectacular!!!!
I just love this sign, it cracks me up when I see it.
I took lots of photos but I won't bore you.
After the national park we headed into town and stopped off at the new playground for some fun. I got lots of shot of Phoenix and Lavender climbing and sliding down the slippery dip. But this is the shot that made everyone wet themselves with laughter......
everyone except me. LOL. Tony got me to get on this spinny thing and just kept spinning me around and around. I was sooooo dizzy that I had to just close me eyes and hold on for dear life. I won't show you the rest of the photos, me trying to get off .
On our way home we stopped off to have another look at a block of land that we have been thinking about buying. It has the most amazing view of Port Lincoln. Its only negative is that it is nearly 10k from the centre of town, about a 10-15min drive. I took this shot of Lavender blowing on a "Santa Claus",
thats what I called them when I was a kid.

Today was busy, lots of running around for everyone. I had Physio and am feeling great, nearly back to normal, no back pain just a little tightening of my butt muscle.
Tonight the girls, yes all three girls, spent some time designing clothes. Phoenix got on old top and redesigned it into a top and headband.


:) Tiff said...

whizzy dizzies sure aint fun. so hearing you on that one. I nearly rang you when I was in town on Monday. Took the kids to the movies to fill up part of the day.

take care of you and yours.



amyf said...

mustve been legends day in coffins national pk on tuesday coz i was there too!lol