Monday, 7 March 2011


Apart from the usual Monday cleaning and running around I spent some time preparing for a class Im teaching for Leonie at Scrapworkz.

Its been nearly 4 years since I last taught a class. Before I moved to Lincoln I use to teaching scrapbooking classes regularly and loved it. I really miss it, so when Leonie asked me to teach a class I was over the moon.
When I teach I like to look at techniques. I try to play with a tool or technique and show a number of ways to use it. The class I am teaching is to do with alcohol ink. Whilst completing the page below we learn 4 different ways to use the inks. Along with the instructions for this page, I will also include the instruction on how to use the scraps you have left over to complete some more pages. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have an obsession with using my scraps so they are not lying around.
The class is next Tuesday, 15th March at Scrapworkz.
Can't wait!!!!
Anyway hope you are all having a great Monday!


amyf said...

yay! i cant wait either. desperate for some 'me' time that doesnt involve being at home cleaning

sandra said...

this looks fantastic!!
Great class.
Just wish I could go!! :-(
(work Tuesdays)
No need to say good luck with your class, coz I know you will rock it!!
have fun!

:) Tiff said...

alcohol inks scare the bejuezes out of me. and you'll be absolutely great.