Friday, 11 March 2011


I was so busy yesterday that I forgot to post on my blog, bummer!!! I did take some photos though.
Maddii had her sports carnival so I had my kids plus and extra 6, yes 6, girls here from 7am. The girls all got dressed up and I dropped them off at the carnival.
These are the green girls!! They even painted their dresses in army camo pattern.
Did the usual running around for the morning and then picked up Phoenix from Kindy at lunch time. After a bit of a rest we made cupcakes, I had promised her that we would since Tuesday. I don't know if its the cupcakes that she loves or just licking the spoon!!!
Her 2nd spoon!!!
We picked up Lavender from school , did some food shopping and then raced home to change and start the back and forth runs to dancing. 
At 7pm I was grateful to be off the Scrapworkz for scrap night as it only the 2nd one Ive attended in the last 6 weeks.  Had a great time! Thanks girls!!!
Today along with the usual, I had my eyebrows done, went to pick up Maddii's new camera and brought a very special 18th birthday present. Whilst I was at the jewellers I saw this cute Pandora charm....
A wonderful witch!!!! I just had to spoil myself and get her.

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:) Tiff said...

terrific shot of the girls in camo. top idea with the foliage. and eeep so many at such an early hour.

you wicked witch you!!!