Sunday, 20 March 2011


Just thought I would catch up with whats been happening around here.
Yesterday was spent, cleaning, attending dancing and Kindy. Picked up Phoenix and Lavender after school and came home and cooked dinner. Phoenix made my day, she made me this beautiful necklace at kindy.

I spent the rest of the day proudly wearing it.

Tony and Maddii are away for the weekend in Newcastle at our best friends daughters 18th birthday party, Maddii's best friend in the world, so Lavender , Phoenix and I have decided to have a crafty, girls weekend. We started on Friday night with Phoenix doing some painting, Lavender doing the presentation stuff for an assignment due next week and me working on sorting my ribbons and my home made ribbon bag. Here is Phoenix's painting.

Our crafty weekend continued today. Lavender spent the whole day continuing on with her assignment work. 
In the morning Phoenix and I made choc chip cookies for a special occasion we were celebrating this afternoon.

After lunch I tried to get a bit of scrapping time whilst Phoenix made a birthday crown.

In the afternoon we celebrated Itty Bitty's birthday, Phoenix's bear, with a picnic on the floor. Phoenix set up the rug and organised the fancy dress outfits and activities.

Happy 5th Birthday Itty Bitty!!!
After our drinks and cookies, we coloured, did jigsaw puzzles and had a photo shoot.
I think Im rubbing off on her!!!! LOL
After that we settled down for some cuddle time and some popcorn.

All day I tried to get some time to work on a book Im doing for the Mouse, Paper, Scissors class Im taking online. I highly recommend this course, Ive had a ball. I havent quite finished it, still a couple of finishing details to add. I will show you tomorrow.


:) Tiff said...

you are such a good Mum. you really are.

such a sweet idea of the birthday party picnic for itty bitty.

and that shot of Phoe behind the camera is so awwwwww. scrap that one wont cha!!

amyf said...

nice glasses! hope itty bitty didnt eat too much cake or he might be back in that tumble dryer!good to see u back blogging coz i love seeing what youve been up to. more productive than me!