Sunday, 18 September 2011


Life has been a whirlwind since my last post!
Lots of Doctor and Physio appointments for my back and numb foot. With all these I have finally decided to go ahead with some back surgery. This has been a big decision for me as it means 8 days in Adelaide and then 4 to 6 weeks of no housework or lifting of any sort. With the closest family being in Newcastle, NSW, Tony and the kids are going to have to do everything. Not looking forward to it at all. At least I should have some time to scrap.
The end of August saw Leonie, Briget, Karen and myself fly off to Melbourne for three wonderful days.
"The 4 Olives"

Paperiffic was great as was the classes we did.  All four of us did some amazing classes with Nic Howard and really enjoyed them. They were very different from what I normally do on pages.  I now look at paper differently and not in a way I ever thought I would.
Nic Howard and me

Leaving for Paperiffic

 We also saw "Rock of Ages" the show at the Comedy Theatre and laughed all night.
Leonie and me at "Rock of Ages"

 We even stopped of at a bar for drink after, (we were the oldest ones there)lol!!!!
Cocktails and jazz hands!!

And the traditional Krispy Kreme donut, my biggest addiction. I wanted to bring home a couple of dozen but alas there was no room in my luggage. Anyone who has travelled with me knows that I make use of every extra kilo there is ..... even if those spare kilos are someone elses. lol!

Aaaaaaaagh!!!! KRISPY KREME!!!!

The whole weekend was a hoot but the best thing about it was the company. Thanks Olive 1,2 and 3.

Lavender turns "13"

Lavender turned 13 on the 21 August, but due to circumstance we only had her sleepover party last weekend.  Nine 13 and 14 year olds can be really loud, I mean REALLY LOUD!!!!!!  For Lavenders birthday I set up my camera on the tripod with the remote control. I made about thirty different props for them to play with.
The props!

                                                             Lets just say they had a ball.

       Yesterday we had Phoenix's 5th birthday party.
The invite, the first Ive ever made.

Number 5 for the door.

My handmade "5", just some cupcake patty pans and some buttons.

                       She invited 7 of her closest friends. I had a great time decorating for it
A banner saying "happy birthday Phoenix"

the table

Handmade tiered cake plates

Another two cake plates and some flags for the mini cupcakes.

Cake plate and yummy chewy choc chip cookies.

Yummy food!

                                                  The Birthday cake! My first with fondant.

My cutie pie blowing out her candles!!!

I even decorated the cups!! Call me crazy but they did look pretty.

Pinata!!! "Watch out Dad". Tony nearly had a few Funniest Home Video moments!!!!

Some bubble blowing fun!!!

Phoenix's birthday present was a trampoline, I can't believe how big it is!!! The kids had a ball just jumping around.

I love how these party bag turned out.

Each party bag/cone was filled with treats and then topped with shredded paper and two skewers sticking out, each with a butterfly and bird on them.

The beautiful birthday girl modelling the party bags.

Phoenix and her best friend in the world... Amy!!!!

I have had a busy time lately exercising my creative muscle for everyone else, and although I have enjoyed it and my kids have appreciated it,  I can't wait for next weekend. Mini retreat here I come.


:) Tiff said...

I am so not showing my kids your blogpost. lol. they might get all these grand ideas for their birthday decorations... seriously, you've put in so much effort and just how lovely did those party bags look.

love the props for Miss L's birthday. That something simple for a plan for Miss A next year. ;o)

and the trip to Paperiffic.... go the Olives!!!!

maryanne said...

wow gina what fantastic birthday goodies!hope the back op goes or has gone well and youre recovered soon.