Monday, 1 August 2011

HI AGAIN!!!!!!

Howdy everybody....hope everyone is great.  Im fine although Im still having trouble with a numb foot( a result of a case of sciatica last week).
Im really proud to say that Im still a non smoker......4 months now.
Up until last weekend,(sciatica) I have spent the last month walking and a little running every day and watching what I ate and although I didnt lose heaps of weight, I did lose 30 cm,. I was shocked. Last week has set me back but as soon as I start feeling my foot again I starting on the treadmill again.
Creatively Ive been playing with lots of stuff, lots of different paper crafts and LOTS of spray painting.
I have to admit that I am TOTALLY addicted to PINTEREST. It is such a great spot, over flowing with inspiration and creativity. I love it. As my hubby says "pin it, pin it". (He is always ripping me and Lavender off about it.)
Anyway I thought I would start off the month by sharing some photos......

1. Soooo proud of my girl!!!! This is my beautiful daughter Maddii (left), performing in the year 11/12 production. She is doing year 11 dance although she is actually only in year 10.

On Sunday Phoenix and I finally got to celebrate "pirate day", we were suppose to do this on the Saturday that I went to hospital with sciatica. 

Captain Phoenix, her first mate Mummy and Polly the parrot.

Us on our ship, the Jolly Rodger. (My Bed)

The cutest pirate ever!!!!

 After spending the school holidays making things, i.e telescopes, treasure maps, chests etc and reading lots of pirate book that we had borrowed from the library, it was great to finally get around to celebrating the day. We had such a ball playing and got right into it.

This is how Phoenix spends most of time at swimming lessons, under the water. It is truly amazing to see what a difference a term can make. At the beginning of last term Phoenix hated putting her face in the water, wouldn't jump into the water standing up and couldn't swim at all. Today she loves to stand up and jump in the deep end of the pool, can swim about 3 meters by herself and loves diving under the water. Today she cried because didn't want to get out of the pool and wanted to continue with swimming lessons. 
Wow what a difference!!!!!
Anyway time to go... see you tomorrow!


SueP said...

Hello there Gina....looks like you have been ultra busy with lots of family fun times!!

Well done on the no smoking!! Bet you feel great!!

:) Tiff said...

I LOVE your pirate photos. You are such a great Mum for all the ideas and getting involved with it all. I admire you for that.

You should use your gopro with P underwater so she can see what she looks like. She'll love that!!!

And wow, isn't M up high in the air. such talent!

take care chook.