Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Im so slack its been sooo long since I posted on my blog, I could give you a long list of excuses but really other things have been a priority and I've been trying to look after myself.
Since September I've had surgery on a ruptured disk in my back, this was elective surgery, sort of. I'm so lucky that I chose to have it as the doctor discovered that I had bits of bone and cartilage floating around in there. Im one lucky little duck that they hadn't caused permanent damage. After 8 days in Adelaide alone, except for the day and a half I had with the loveliest person in the world,  Leonie , I was very happy to be home. I spent the next 5 weeks TRYING not to do too much and be careful of my back.
Long story short I am feeling much better, really looking after my back, and touch wood, my back is doing really well.
During this time I did scrap but not new stuff, I completed ALL, yes I said ALL of my UFO. This was a pile of unfinished scrap pages over 40cm high, more than 50 pages. It took a while but it is so nice to see the pile gone and now living in new albums. I should say please be careful with your layouts, I usually finish one and just pile them up. As I was going through my pile to find UFO I noticed that some had become damaged due to my lack of care with them. Mental note: I would be horrified if I saw anyone else treat my pages that way, treat them with the love I had in my heart when I created them. Anyway sorry to ramble.
Today Im going to show you a page I created a couple of weeks ago, my first ever with a Studio Calico kit.
It was for a challenge over on their blog and came together so quickly. Hope you like it.

I'll be back tomorrow to share some pictures of the cover of my first ever December Daily project. 
till then.........


:) Tiff said...

great to hear that the back is coming along. Haven't seen you for a bit since harvest started and I was hoping all was going well for you.

and yehaarrrr to get all those UFO's done. that is a big achievement. **insert applause**

I've noticed a lot of the sunburst type papers lately. That is all hand stitching isn't it?

mwah babe.

Meredith said...

Love your layout Gina! The stitching looks wonderful and a stunning photo!
Can't wait to see you December Daily!