Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Balance is something Ive been thinking alot about lately.
For the first 3 months of the year I was totally dedicated to my 365 project and blogging every day. I was a bit critical of my photography skills and a little embarrassed my lack of writing skills. I was putting alot of pressure on myself and after 3 months pretty much gave up. Oh yes I said to myself that I would still do both every couple of days but did I ???? Thats a big fat NO!
The last 2 months has seen me do only a couple of entries and although the pressure has been off I have been really disappointed in myself. When I stop and thought about it, I really enjoyed putting my blog up everyday. I actually thought about my day and how I had used it.
I have also realised that I was alot more creative then, more determined to do something rather than sit on my computer and browse. Don't get me wrong, I have found some amazing stuff out there in blog world and am totally inspired, now I just need to be more motivated. So here I go again.
I thought Id start by sharing my retreat pages.....

The last to are the pages I completed on my own at retreat, "a Fish Wish" actually has a pocket to hold Maddii's school report.

P.S Tried to post this last night but blogger said NO

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Jewel said...

I can relate - I feel behind on my photos for p365 and it feels like i Can't possibly catch up! Someone else reminded me that since its YOUR project, it's totally up to YOU when you stop and start ... so you can start again at any time:) How liberating! SO I'm planning to start up again after my move.

Lovely layouts!