Sunday, 19 December 2010


Hi everyone, no I haven't crept into some cave or fallen of the side of the Earth, LOL, I have just been really busy with the Christmas preps.
 This year I was determined to do something Christmassy every day in December. I  LOVE Christmas and everything about it.  In an attempt to be a "perfect Mum" and share my love of the season with the kids, I had grand plans.
With out going into too much detail that lasted for the first 10 days!!! I feel a bit guilty/ slack but know I tried my best. It hard to stop that itch to scrap. OK I admit it, Im addicted!!!
Oh by the way, during this time I also participated in Jessica Sprague's Inspiration class, which was fun, and COMPLETED, yes COMPLETED her course called Frame Ups and Photo Editing. That has to be the best thing I've ever done!!!!! I learnt sooo much and even though I had taught myself some photoshop techniques, it had been all hit and miss, and really didn't understand why I was doing it. Not any more. Im very proud of myself and have gone and brought two more classes.
Any way thought I would share my creation from Sue's December sketch on the E2C blog. I had to take a photo of this one rather than scan it due to the butterflies. I used the Echo Park, A walk in the park range. I love this range it soo bright and colourful.  Tell me what you think?

                                               TTFN      Gina


:) Tiff said...

so glad you loved JS. her stuff roks. ;o)

you must let me know of what other classes you've signed up for!!!! I havent started her inspo yet, but I will!!!

hope to see you on THurs night!

maryanne said...

hi gina,I too have done that JS class, and I really learnt a lot from it too, and have gone on to do a couple more.her store is very addictive too, especially one buck wednesday OMIGOSH, I love them specials!! and some of the hybrid projects are often on special.
Love your LO too, very cute and colorful.
hope you have an awesome xmas.