Wednesday, 3 November 2010


 A double page layout that I finished a couple of weeks ago. Thought Id share.

Page 2

Page 1
Sorry I downloaded the pages in the wrong order.

I was really happy with how the spider webs turned out, just used thread and added some glittered kindyglitz. I've been wanting to use these spider brads for ages. The tree is covered in enamel and the broom I made. The broom is just a twig with raffia attached and then painted black.

The photos are of Phoenix at dancing. Every week she likes to wear something different, boy am I in for some drama and expense as she gets older.

Hope you like them!! :-)


sandra said...

This looks awesome!
Love all the details and the colours are just yummy.
Clever girl with the tree and broom,
and yay!!! a layout on your blog!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!

:) Tiff said...

like em??? Love em I say!!

you create special little pieces so very well.....

Gina B said...

Thanks girls.

amyf said...

oh she who doesnt know anything about blogs?! yours is way prettier than mine!

Gina B said...

Stumbling my way through Amy.